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PBC News & Comment: Right Wing Assaults on Freedom of Speech Grow

Freedom of thought and expression under attack via McCarthyite watch lists of media and academics, Senate passes ugly anti-Semitism bill….–Senate unanimously passes “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act”, a tool to squelch political speech and expression critical of Israel

–watchlist of professors who spew “leftwing propaganda” is run by Turning Point USA, has 300 campus chapters

–one of the listed professors, Anthea Butler of Penn says the list is intended to “silence and smear” academics

–Anti-Defamation League does some defaming, opposes Keith Ellison for DNC chair because he has criticized Israel

–2 San Francisco-based organizations have successfully fended off FBI National Security Letters and associated gag orders

–Canadian photojournalist assigned to Standing Rock was denied entry at border and subjected to 6-hour detention and search of cellphones

–Trump allies throw up major legal roadblocks to recounts, and Greg Palast recaps the obstacles

–at Cincinnati rally, Trump hammers the media and basks in self-adulation

–post-election comments from campaign leaders and CNN boss Zucker air out the real problems with our media

–Trump, who pledged to “drain the swamp” in DC, is “stocking it with alligators”, says Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

–Trump names “Mad Dog” Mattis as Pentagon boss, and Marjorie Cohn recaps his bloodlust

–Senate unanimously extends authority for president to impose sanctions on Iran

–UN issues apology to Haiti for cholera, without admitting peacekeepers caused it

–listeners comment on San Bernardino and Yasha Levine’s criticism of Tor