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PBC News & Comment: Right Wing Assaults on Freedom of Speech Grow

Freedom of thought and expression under attack via McCarthyite watch lists of media and academics, Senate passes ugly anti-Semitism bill….--Senate unanimously passes “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act”, a tool to squelch political speech and expression critical of Israel

--watchlist of professors who spew “leftwing propaganda” is run by Turning Point USA, has 300 campus chapters

--one of the listed professors, Anthea Butler of Penn says the list is intended to “silence and smear” academics

--Anti-Defamation League does some defaming, opposes Keith Ellison for DNC chair because he has criticized Israel

--2 San Francisco-based organizations have successfully fended off FBI National Security Letters and associated gag orders

--Canadian photojournalist assigned to Standing Rock was denied entry at border and subjected to 6-hour detention and search of cellphones

--Trump allies throw up major legal roadblocks to recounts, and Greg Palast recaps the obstacles

--at Cincinnati rally, Trump hammers the media and basks in self-adulation

--post-election comments from campaign leaders and CNN boss Zucker air out the real problems with our media

--Trump, who pledged to “drain the swamp” in DC, is “stocking it with alligators”, says Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

--Trump names “Mad Dog” Mattis as Pentagon boss, and Marjorie Cohn recaps his bloodlust

--Senate unanimously extends authority for president to impose sanctions on Iran

--UN issues apology to Haiti for cholera, without admitting peacekeepers caused it

--listeners comment on San Bernardino and Yasha Levine’s criticism of Tor