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PBC News & Comment: Victory at Standing Rock!

Corps of Engineers denies easement for pipeline, a big victory—perhaps temporary—for Native Americans and climate change activists…--Energy Transfer Partners remain defiant, vow to proceed with construction

--many water protectors smell a white-man-double-cross, and plan to stay at Standing Rock

--Bill McKibben calls it a victory, hopes it’s a turning point

--in our in-depth interview released late on Friday, attorneys Ford Greene and Larry Bragman detail the history and legal status of Sioux land and mineral rights

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola has an excellent recap of the story

--in Oakland, fire broke out in warehouse illegally hosting a techno rave, at least 36 people have died

--post from Greg Palast: "WSJ headline ‘Stein drops PA Recount’ is false. Her team will go to court to overturn the insane demand that voters personally post $1M bond. The GOP is desperate as Trump's margin drops by 20K in PA BEFORE the recount!"

--Jill Stein presses recounts with court actions in PA, MI and holds news conference to demand fair recounts

--NC GOP Governor Pat McCrory, who thought he had managed to rig his own re-election, concedes defeat to Roy Cooper

--“Pizzagate” pedophile reports surface in corporate media, labeled as “hoax” and “fake news” that was peddled by Trump advisor Mike Flynn, and gunman fired shots at DC pizza joint

--Trump said to expand pool of prospects for Secretary of State, as he tweets about tariffs and upsets the “One China” policy by talking to Taiwan leader

--DC shrink Dr. Justin Frank offers Twitter-sized analysis of Trump’s compulsive tweeting

--Ben Carson, who admits he knows nothing about running a federal agency, is named to head HUD

--on Capitol Hill, leaders shift language on Obamacare from “repeal and replace” to “repeal and delay”

--Japan PM Shinzo Abe will visit Pearl Harbor with Obama after Christmas

--Italian PM Matteo Renzi will resign after big loss in reform referendum

--after weekend release of Yemeni prisoner, Guantanamo population drops to 59, with 20 of those cleared for release

--NY State releases the first blacklist of BDS supporters, banning 13 foreign companies from doing business with the state

--Georgia’s former Chief Justice slams plan to execute William Sallie tomorrow, because Georgia doesn’t require counsel for condemned prisoners

--Obamas host final Kennedy Center honors, and PBC is thrilled that Mavis Staples was recognized for her amazing voice. Click here for “Let’s Do It Again”