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PBC News & Comment: Obama Hands Off Scary Presidential Powers to Trump

In legacy-building report and speech, Obama misleads and misrepresents on his expansive view of presidential power, passing to Trump….–at The Intercept, Alex Emmons offers detailed commentary

–appeals court upholds conviction of Portland man for concocted terror plot devised by his FBI informant, and eviscerates concept of entrapment

–Congress moves to further neuter the toothless Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board through sneaky legislation

–tech giants respond to EU demands, set up system to try to police “extremist content” on the web, but the details are devilish

–Germany’s leader Merkel calls for ban on burqa’s and face veils, but would it apply to Catholic nuns?

–Trump’s border wall and immigration crackdown won’t succeed, says author Kimball Taylor in our new in-depth interview

–surveillance and defense contractors tell analysts they expect big profits from Trump immigration policies

–mistrial declared in murder trial of cop who killed Walter Scott

–Wells Fargo says it wants to restore trust, but hammers victims of its scam accounts with arbitration

–as she heads to retirement, California Sen. Barbara Boxer girds for one more fight: against her colleague Dianne Feinstein’s sneaky water amendment

–GOP elector from Texas details why he can’t vote for Trump

–in blistering editorial, NY Times blasts Trump for lying about voter fraud

–Fox anchor Megyn Kelly names Trump social media director as a cause of death threats and hate speech targeting her

–Al Gore meets with Trump and Ivanka, and acts like the Donald was listening about climate change

–in latest Twitter distraction, Trump calls for cancellation of plan to replace Air Force One