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PBC News & Comment: Julian Assange Tells His Side of Swedish “Rape” Charge

Angering Swedish prosecutors who interviewed him, Assange releases his version of sexual encounters with Swedish woman pressured to charge him….–read Assange statement here

–in NY Times interview, Edward Snowden defines patriotism and explains why he won’t return to US to face trial

NY Times editorial encourages Obama to be generous with pardons, commutations

–Trump will name retired Marine General John Kelly to run Homeland Security, at least it’s not Kris Kobach

–Trump’s pick for EPA chief is worse than Myron Ebell; Scott Pruitt is Koch-sponsored Oklahoma attorney general who’s all-in for oil and gas barons

The Guardian reveals that Koch Bros. and pal Harold Hamm are scoring big in the Trump transition, including Pruitt

–at DeSmogBlog, Steve Horn details how AG nominee Jeff Sessions wrote the bill that became the “Halliburton loophole” for fracking, with help from Harold Hamm

–lawyers say Trump can’t immediately reverse the decision not to grant easement for Dakota pipeline

–Paris is blanketed in smog, auto restrictions extended

–Trump’s unexpected phone call from Taiwan leader was orchestrated by former senator and prez candidate Bob Dole, a paid lobbyist for Taiwan

–lame-duck pork-barrel shenanigans, as GOP adds $10 billion in war funding and slips in a waiver for Mattis to serve as Defense Secretary

–reports that Islamic State is losing ground in Mosul and Aleppo

–Palestinian-American activist Rasmea Odeh is granted a new trial on charges that she lied in immigration documents