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PBC News & Comment: Republican Judges Halt Michigan Recount

In replay of 2000, GOP judges in Michigan shut down recount that has uncovered massive irregularities that could’ve changed outcome…–despite major problems with scanners and custody of ballots that could easily overturn Trump win in Michigan, the recount has been halted, details from Detroit News

–in Guardian interview, Jill Stein slams the scanners and Clinton team’s disinterest in fair elections

–petition launched to demand that Obama investigate voting problems

–Democratic leaders pressure Obama to disclose Russia’s role in the elections

–Norman Solomon pens “McCarthy’s Ghost Smiles as Dems Point the Finger at Russia”

–naming specialist Mike Pile says Clinton’s “I’m With Her” slogan may be the most tone-deaf campaign slogan ever, in new PBC interview

–Trump says he sold all his stock, but intends to keep a stake in Trump, Inc and put his sons in charge

–adding to the Wrecking Crew, Trump names fast food exec who opposes minimum wage hikes to head Labor Dept, and picks wrestling semi-billionaire McMahon for SBA

–the “war on some drugs” leaves many disappeared, dead in Mexico and Philippines; see NY Times photo essay here, Mexico report is here

–White Helmets raise white flag in Aleppo, underscoring questions about who they work for

–Mick Jagger fathers his 8th child at age 73

–art rock pioneer Greg Lake dies at 69 Click for solo tune “Nuclear Attack”,

Emerson Lake and Palmer’s full album, “Trilogy”

King Crimson’s full album, “in the Court of the Crimson King”

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