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PBC News & Comment: Fake News From Corporate Media and Campaigns

The fake war on fake news builds, as straight-faced media and political leaders deplore disinformation they’re partly responsible for….–Obama orders intelligence agencies to prepare secret report on alleged Russian interference in the election

–Hillary emerges from “taking selfies in the woods” to praise Harry Reid and slam fake news and Pizzagate

–Nick Bryant, my expert on pedophile politicians, comments on “Pizzagate”

–Glenn Greenwald shows how MSNBC spread fake news about WikiLeaks in support of Clinton campaign, and that doctored Goldman Sachs speech transcript was created by a Clinton supporter

–at Counterpunch, Jeffrey St. Clair hammers the Washington Post for its fake news story on lefty media it claims run Russian propaganda

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola upbraids CBS News for false report on “BS Detector” intended to filter out fake news

–Trump cyber-bullied Indiana union leader who exposed the fake news that Donald made at Carrier

–Trump, in nod to the beleaguered working class he champions, name Goldma Sachs president to economic council

–is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg laying plans to be a billionaire politician?

–in Oregon, Portland City Council votes to tax overpaid CEO’s, and use the money for homeless services

–Ohio GOP legislature lays groundwork for upreme Court review of Roe v. Wade by passing clearly unconstitutional “fetal heartbeat” abortion limit

–with an eye on Trump, Canada is fighting over climate change actions, with the argument that if US doesn’t cut emissions, Canada will be at disadvantage

–Iran rushes to complete oil deals, concerned that Trump may add sanctions

–South Korea impeaches its female president over corruption charges

–as of today, 1001 Americans have been killed by police this year

–John Glenn, pioneer astronaut and US senator from Ohio, dies at 95