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PBC News & Comment: Washington Drowns in Anonymous Leaks

Anonymous official leakers offer spook dust—and no proof—as the “Russia elected Trump” group think spins out of control….–your humble host is loath to side with Trump, but the claim that CIA believes Russia manipulated the election to favor Trump is the new “slam dunk”

–former British ambassador Craig Murray flatly states that DNC and Podesta were “insider leaks”, not hacks, says “I’ve met the person who leaked them”

–McConnell and Ryan break silence, support Congressional investigation

–Trump attacks CIA for Iraq intel, says “I don’t believe it”

–in campaign, CIA’s Morrell openly supported Clinton, and Trump’s pick of Mike Flynn for national security advisor is opposed by many agency officials

–Glenn Greenwald offers well-deserved skepticism, demands real evidence

–Wisconsin recount is almost complete, judges have shut down the recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania

–in Michigan, Jill Stein concedes it’s over, but calls recounts a “political horror show”

–activist Ray Lutz of San Diego went to Detroit, shares his observations from the recount effort, his website is here

–Clinton elector Vinz Koller of Montetery, CA, files suit to allow all members of Electoral College to vote unbound

–some electors also demand intelligence briefing before Dec. 19 vote

–Trump tweets criticism of F-35 project, Lockheed shares nosedive