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PBC News & Comment: Intelligence Veterans Dismiss “Russia Hacking” Reports

Intel veterans, including former NSA technical director Bill Binney, dismiss the overheated reports of Russian hacking to elect Trump….–read the experts’ statement here

–Robert Parry’s commentary is here

–Obama tells Trevor Noah he believes Russian hacking claims, and says Trump is “flying blind” without daily CIA briefings

–Obama will preserve Senate report on CIA torture, but keep it secret for at least 12 years

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola is recapping Obama’s legacy, and today he focuses on drone assassination policies

–Trump names Exxon boss Rex Tillerson Secretary of State, dumbass Rick Perry to run Energy Dept. and deportation lobbyist Lora Ries to post at Homeland Security

–common denominator for Trump and his appointees: rich people with major conflicts of interest

NY Times editorial notes that GSA lease on new Trump hotel in DC bars any elected official from owning the lease

Newsweek examines major conflicts of interest for Trump in Philippines and Turkey

–Justice Breyer is lone voice on Supreme Court calling for end to death penalty

–crude oil pipeline in North Dakota spews 176,000 gallons of crude oil, 150 miles from Standing Rock

–as Syria regains control of flattened Aleppo, US brags it has smitten 3 IS leaders in Raqqa in recent weeks

–affirming the predictions of opponents of Brazil’s impeachment coup, lawmakers approve austerity package to freeze social spending for 20 years