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PBC News & Comment: Intelligence Veterans Dismiss “Russia Hacking” Reports

Intel veterans, including former NSA technical director Bill Binney, dismiss the overheated reports of Russian hacking to elect Trump….--read the experts’ statement here

--Robert Parry’s commentary is here

--Obama tells Trevor Noah he believes Russian hacking claims, and says Trump is “flying blind” without daily CIA briefings

--Obama will preserve Senate report on CIA torture, but keep it secret for at least 12 years

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola is recapping Obama’s legacy, and today he focuses on drone assassination policies

--Trump names Exxon boss Rex Tillerson Secretary of State, dumbass Rick Perry to run Energy Dept. and deportation lobbyist Lora Ries to post at Homeland Security

--common denominator for Trump and his appointees: rich people with major conflicts of interest

--NY Times editorial notes that GSA lease on new Trump hotel in DC bars any elected official from owning the lease

--Newsweek examines major conflicts of interest for Trump in Philippines and Turkey

--Justice Breyer is lone voice on Supreme Court calling for end to death penalty

--crude oil pipeline in North Dakota spews 176,000 gallons of crude oil, 150 miles from Standing Rock

--as Syria regains control of flattened Aleppo, US brags it has smitten 3 IS leaders in Raqqa in recent weeks

--affirming the predictions of opponents of Brazil’s impeachment coup, lawmakers approve austerity package to freeze social spending for 20 years