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In-Depth Interview: Vice Reporter Jason Leopold on Gitmo, Russian Hacking Claims, Torture Report, and Clinton’s Damn Emails

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Investigative journalist Jason Leopold of Vice News talks about Obama’s failed pledge to close Guantanamo, the claims of “Russian hacking”, the fate of the Senate report on CIA torture, and Hillary Clinton’s emails.Leopold just returned from Guantanamo, and reports that a few more prisoners will be released, but that Obama’s promise to close the prison will not be kept.

He is skeptical of the evidence-free claims of Russian hacking in an effort to tilt the election to Trump.  He compares Trump’s inappropriate comments about possible charges against Hillary Clinton to Obama’s inappropriate policy of not prosecuting Bush-era crimes.

He offers background to the struggle over release of the Senate’s 6,500 page report on CIA torture and whether the report is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (an administration record) or not (a Congressional record.)

Leopold accepts my praise for his diligent work that produced Clinton’s State Dept. emails over the past 18 months.  He says he read every single email, and we trade lists of the most significant ones.