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PBC News & Comment: Yahoo Reports Billion-user Hack, as NBC Fingers Putin for Alleged Election Hacks

–Everybody’s been hacked at Yahoo! And NBC says Putin personally directed distribution of stolen files, based on more official leaks….–Russian officials say it’s “nonsense”

NY Times editorial lectures Trump to join their group think, saying his denial of Russian hacking claims leave him isolated

–Obama delayed blaming Russia for DNC hack because he didn’t want to appear to be meddling in the election to help Clinton

–at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill discloses that DNI James Clapper, the proven perjurer, has a blog called “Intercept” , where commenters support 4th Amendment

–GOP resistance surfaces to making John Bolton #2 at State Dept.

–GOP powermongers in North Carolina use lame duck session to try to limit power of incoming Democratic governor after month-long post-election fight

–in Louisiana, Republican lawmaker sues to block Dem governor’s LGBTQ order

–in Aleppo, evacuations are reported to be underway

–after strongman Duterte’s bragging that he personally killed drug suspects, Philippine senators talk impeachment

–in retrial federal prosecutors plan to add terrorism claims to case against Palestinian American activist Rasmea Odeh, reports Kevin Gosztola

–Facebook tries to limit fake news posts without overt censorship