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PBC News & Comment: Clinton and Obama Blame Putin

Beltway myths gain traction as Clinton, Podesta and Obama amplify evidence-free claims that Russia hacked DNC to help Trump….–in funereal visitation with donors, Hillary Clinton tells of Putin vendetta against her for charging 2011 Russian election was rigged

–White House uses “insinuendo” like Bush team did in 2002-2003

–inconveniently, Russia just extradited American suspected of hacking banks

–in The Daily Mail, Craig Murray gives detailed account of how he got Podesta emails from DNC insider in secret meeting at park near American U in DC

–in final news conference, Obama lectures media about its campaign coverage and focus on the leaked emails; unlikely to reveal evidence, uses false choice argument; and he blames Putin, almost

–in op-ed, John Podesta plays the victim, blames Russia and slams the FBI

–Jonathan Simon at Recount Now says Wisconsin recount revealed that 26,000 election tabulators in 25 states are hackable

–in our new in-depth interview, Prof. Cedric deLeon talks about the history of right to work laws, and the dysfunction in the labor-Democrat relationship

–China exploits US transition, announces it has weaponized the Spratly reefs, and seizes American unmanned submarine

–stronger dollar leads China to sell US bonds, making Japan our # debt holder

–in message to Duterte about police executions of drug suspects, US suspends aid to Philippines

–Obama has also derailed a second arms deal for Saudis in response to its bloody tactics in Yemen

–NSA Inspector General who is hostile to whistleblowers is on path to be fired, reports Kevin Gosztola

–in first sign of ethics, Ivanka Trump cancels charity auction item, lunch with Ivanka

–knucklehead GOP Congressman Peter King tells Trump to set up Muslim surveillance program; he knows the FBI already has one

–Trump names Zionist bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman ambassador to Israel

–some American Jews boycotted Hanukkah party at Trump’s DC hotel

–DC staffers share tips for progressive activists on playing defense, based on some of the successful tactics of the right