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PBC News & Comment: Clinton and Obama Blame Putin

Beltway myths gain traction as Clinton, Podesta and Obama amplify evidence-free claims that Russia hacked DNC to help Trump….--in funereal visitation with donors, Hillary Clinton tells of Putin vendetta against her for charging 2011 Russian election was rigged

--White House uses “insinuendo” like Bush team did in 2002-2003

--inconveniently, Russia just extradited American suspected of hacking banks

--in The Daily Mail, Craig Murray gives detailed account of how he got Podesta emails from DNC insider in secret meeting at park near American U in DC

--in final news conference, Obama lectures media about its campaign coverage and focus on the leaked emails; unlikely to reveal evidence, uses false choice argument; and he blames Putin, almost

--in op-ed, John Podesta plays the victim, blames Russia and slams the FBI

--Jonathan Simon at Recount Now says Wisconsin recount revealed that 26,000 election tabulators in 25 states are hackable

--in our new in-depth interview, Prof. Cedric deLeon talks about the history of right to work laws, and the dysfunction in the labor-Democrat relationship

--China exploits US transition, announces it has weaponized the Spratly reefs, and seizes American unmanned submarine

--stronger dollar leads China to sell US bonds, making Japan our # debt holder

--in message to Duterte about police executions of drug suspects, US suspends aid to Philippines

--Obama has also derailed a second arms deal for Saudis in response to its bloody tactics in Yemen

--NSA Inspector General who is hostile to whistleblowers is on path to be fired, reports Kevin Gosztola

--in first sign of ethics, Ivanka Trump cancels charity auction item, lunch with Ivanka

--knucklehead GOP Congressman Peter King tells Trump to set up Muslim surveillance program; he knows the FBI already has one

--Trump names Zionist bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman ambassador to Israel

--some American Jews boycotted Hanukkah party at Trump’s DC hotel

--DC staffers share tips for progressive activists on playing defense, based on some of the successful tactics of the right