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PBC News & Comment: Electoral College as Credible as Trump University?

Electoral College rubber stamps Trump’s ascension, despite its constitutional mandate to block a demagogue and Trump’s obvious incompetence….–few electors buck the expectation of “faithless electors” intervening

–in part, the “Russian hacking” myth may have been aimed at manipulating electoral college, as former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says

–reporter Joe Lauria, who was fired for trying to expose the lies that led to Iraq war, slams the media for the Russia hack story

–in fake effort at “balance”, NY Times runs Masha Gessen column that accepts the premise of Russian hacking claims, but notes lack of evidence

–Atlanta TV station reports that Homeland Security computers are source of cyberattacks on election offices in Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia

–Sen. McCain leads bipartisan demand for select committee to investigate the Russian hack claims

–on Friday, FBI joined CIA in supporting the claims, but offered no evidence

–Clinton supporter Willie Brown, former SF mayor, says Clinton lost on her own, regardless of Putin’s role

NY Times scours the nation, finds only a handful of voter fraud reports

–breaking news: in Turkey’s capital, Russian ambassador is assassinated

in Berlin, truck mows down 9 holiday shoppers

–China defuses potential US confrontation, agrees to return submersible drone found in international waters; Trump tweets “keep it”

–Chinese newspapers—reflecting officials—slam Trump and predict firm reaction from Beijing government

—in Washington Post op-ed, Nathan Hersh opposes BDS for Israel, but supports boycott targeted at West Bank exports

–Campus reports: judicial panel clears judge in Stanford swimmer rape case;

former Stanford professor was pushed out after making sex harassment report

–in Montana, professor responds to being placed on right-wing blacklist

Vice reveals the massive failure of charter schools and public schools in Detroit, exposing the agenda of Trump’s pick for Education, Betsy DeVos

–Obama grants 78 more pardons, commutes 153 more sentences