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PBC News & Comment: Electoral College as Credible as Trump University?

Electoral College rubber stamps Trump’s ascension, despite its constitutional mandate to block a demagogue and Trump’s obvious incompetence….--few electors buck the expectation of “faithless electors” intervening

--in part, the “Russian hacking” myth may have been aimed at manipulating electoral college, as former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says

--reporter Joe Lauria, who was fired for trying to expose the lies that led to Iraq war, slams the media for the Russia hack story

--in fake effort at “balance”, NY Times runs Masha Gessen column that accepts the premise of Russian hacking claims, but notes lack of evidence

--Atlanta TV station reports that Homeland Security computers are source of cyberattacks on election offices in Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia

--Sen. McCain leads bipartisan demand for select committee to investigate the Russian hack claims

--on Friday, FBI joined CIA in supporting the claims, but offered no evidence

--Clinton supporter Willie Brown, former SF mayor, says Clinton lost on her own, regardless of Putin’s role

--NY Times scours the nation, finds only a handful of voter fraud reports

--breaking news: in Turkey’s capital, Russian ambassador is assassinated

in Berlin, truck mows down 9 holiday shoppers

--China defuses potential US confrontation, agrees to return submersible drone found in international waters; Trump tweets “keep it”

--Chinese newspapers—reflecting officials—slam Trump and predict firm reaction from Beijing government

—in Washington Post op-ed, Nathan Hersh opposes BDS for Israel, but supports boycott targeted at West Bank exports

--Campus reports: judicial panel clears judge in Stanford swimmer rape case;

former Stanford professor was pushed out after making sex harassment report

--in Montana, professor responds to being placed on right-wing blacklist

--Vice reveals the massive failure of charter schools and public schools in Detroit, exposing the agenda of Trump’s pick for Education, Betsy DeVos

--Obama grants 78 more pardons, commutes 153 more sentences