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In-Depth Interview: Ex-CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Debunks “Russia Hacking” Beltway Fiction

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Ray McGovern, 30-year veteran of CIA and military intelligence, undercuts the concocted hysteria about alleged Russian hacking of DNC and Podesta emails, noting zero evidence and WikiLeaks’ disavowal.McGovern returns to talk about the unproven assertions of Russian hacking, directed by Putin, aimed at electing Trump.  He is a founding member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which issued this statement a week ago, drafted by former NSA technical director Bill Binney.  As McGovern notes, any such “hack” could be revealed by the NSA’s domestic surveillance, but these are “insider leaks” that may not have been visible.

We discuss the detailed claims of former British ambassador Craig Murray that the leaks likely are from insiders at the Democratic National Committee and/or the intelligence community.  McGovern knows Murray, and recaps his record as a principled whistleblower and his recent comments in an interview with Scott Horton.

As to motive, McGovern sees the scheme as an effort to lead the electoral college to reject Trump today (while there were a few defections, Trump was named the winner).  He also ties it to Obama’s tattered policy of using NATO to isolate Russia, the US-backed coup in Kiev, and Russia’s involvement in Syria, thwarting US objectives.

Technical note:  we had some issues with the phone connections, and apologize for audio problems in this podcast.