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PBC News & Comment: Trump Leads Bloodless Military Coup

Trump said Obama had reduced our generals “to rubble”, but he’s packing administration with generals and officers, including many “losers”…

–strong commentary at TomDispatch by retired Lt. Colonel William Astore is here

–Trump’s pick for Interior Secretary, Rep. Ryan Zinke, was bounced from Seal Team 6 for submitting fraudulent travel expense reports

–vote by Electoral College shows that spineless partisans run the show, and it’s past time to get rid of it, as NY Times editorial lays out

–federal judge orders release of FBI warrants in Anthony Weiner case that led to FBI Director Comey’s inappropriate statements right before the election

–after incidents in Turkey, Berlin and Zurich, Trump tweets first asks questions later…if ever

–in final wave of prisoner releases, Obama notifies Congress that 17 or 18 more men will be released before inauguration day

–IMF boss is found “negligent” in old French case, but Christine Lagarde will continue to run the bank and impose austerity on poor people

–Justice delayed: New Orleans settles cases of police brutality that followed Katrina

–the emergency managers who ordered the shift to tainted water in Flint, MI, have been charged, but Gov. Rick Snyder continues to escape responsibility

–in North Carolina, discriminatory bathroom law may be repealed by Republicans in final lame duck action

–our official film reviewer, Gary Chew, gives us his take on “Jackie”