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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Claims of Russian Hacking are Reinforced With Bluster and Bullshit

“Russian hacking” psychodrama hits Capitol, as Senate hearings produce posturing and group-think consensus, still no proof of claims….–in his final days, DNI James Clapper, known perjurer, presses the case about Russia hacking by smearing Assange and threatening spook strike over Trump’s attitude

Buzzfeed reports that FBI has never examined the DNC servers we are told were hacked

–in our new, in-depth interview, cyber security consultant Trent Lapinski explains his skepticism of the hacking claims

NY Times and WashPost both smear Assange with speculation treated as “facts”

WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN for defamation, for comments that Assange is a “pedophile”

Shadowproof reporter Dan wright confirms what we suspected: ObamaCo misled about the “Khorasan Group” in 2014