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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, Claims of Russian Hacking are Reinforced With Bluster and Bullshit

“Russian hacking” psychodrama hits Capitol, as Senate hearings produce posturing and group-think consensus, still no proof of claims….--in his final days, DNI James Clapper, known perjurer, presses the case about Russia hacking by smearing Assange and threatening spook strike over Trump’s attitude

--Buzzfeed reports that FBI has never examined the DNC servers we are told were hacked

--in our new, in-depth interview, cyber security consultant Trent Lapinski explains his skepticism of the hacking claims

--NY Times and WashPost both smear Assange with speculation treated as “facts”

--WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN for defamation, for comments that Assange is a “pedophile”

--Shadowproof reporter Dan wright confirms what we suspected: ObamaCo misled about the “Khorasan Group” in 2014