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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

On Friday, Congress will certify Trump’s election, though Wisconsin’s results aren’t certified, and 50 Electoral College members could be challenged….--BradBlog notes that the attempted recount in Wisconsin was derailed, and that the results can’t be fully certified

--anti-Trump lawyers claim that 50 members of Electoral College were ineligible

--Obama responds to Trump tweets with 1,800 word recap of his terms, with some digs at Trump

--Republicans are pretty united about the popularity of repealing Obamacare, but clearly don’t have a plan for replacing it

--in defining vote that will identify AIPAC Democrats, House will rebuke Obama for abstaining from UN vote critical of Israel

--3 GOP senators threaten to cut security funding for all US embassies until our post in Israel is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

--at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill exposes the lies told about the drone killing of 16-year-old American Abdulrahman Awlaki, as the claimed target is still alive

--Fox “News” promotes that little mother, Tucker Carlson to prime time slot

--in Norway, FM stations are being shutdown in transition to digital audio

--LA City Councilman proposes bill to ban solo adults from playgrounds, replacing presumption of innocence with presumption of creepiness

(part 2 starts here)

--in his final days, DNI James Clapper, known perjurer, presses the case about Russia hacking by smearing Assange and threatening spook strike over Trump’s attitude

--Buzzfeed reports that FBI has never examined the DNC servers we are told were hacked

--in our new, in-depth interview, cyber security consultant Trent Lapinski explains his skepticism of the hacking claims

--NY Times and WashPost both smear Assange with speculation treated as “facts”

--WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN for defamation, for comments that Assange is a “pedophile”

--Shadowproof reporter Dan wright confirms what we suspected: ObamaCo misled about the “Khorasan Group” in 2014