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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

On Friday, Congress will certify Trump’s election, though Wisconsin’s results aren’t certified, and 50 Electoral College members could be challenged….BradBlog notes that the attempted recount in Wisconsin was derailed, and that the results can’t be fully certified

–anti-Trump lawyers claim that 50 members of Electoral College were ineligible

–Obama responds to Trump tweets with 1,800 word recap of his terms, with some digs at Trump

–Republicans are pretty united about the popularity of repealing Obamacare, but clearly don’t have a plan for replacing it

–in defining vote that will identify AIPAC Democrats, House will rebuke Obama for abstaining from UN vote critical of Israel

–3 GOP senators threaten to cut security funding for all US embassies until our post in Israel is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

–at The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill exposes the lies told about the drone killing of 16-year-old American Abdulrahman Awlaki, as the claimed target is still alive

Fox “News” promotes that little mother, Tucker Carlson to prime time slot

–in Norway, FM stations are being shutdown in transition to digital audio

–LA City Councilman proposes bill to ban solo adults from playgrounds, replacing presumption of innocence with presumption of creepiness

(part 2 starts here)

–in his final days, DNI James Clapper, known perjurer, presses the case about Russia hacking by smearing Assange and threatening spook strike over Trump’s attitude

Buzzfeed reports that FBI has never examined the DNC servers we are told were hacked

–in our new, in-depth interview, cyber security consultant Trent Lapinski explains his skepticism of the hacking claims

NY Times and WashPost both smear Assange with speculation treated as “facts”

WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN for defamation, for comments that Assange is a “pedophile”

Shadowproof reporter Dan wright confirms what we suspected: ObamaCo misled about the “Khorasan Group” in 2014