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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

Obama’s pledge to close Guantanamo’s one of his most obvious failures; GOP’s marquee plan to repeal Obamacare faces similar fate….–4 more Yemenis are shipped to Saudi re-education center; prediction is that 39 will remain after Obama leaves office

–GOP defectors surface who are queasy about repealing Obamacare without replacement

–GOP neanderthals in 8 states push “bathroom bills” despite the cost to North Carolina

–in Chicago, four young blacks are charge with hate crimes in abuse of retarded white youth that they streamed on Facebook live

following up on his report the other day, The Intercept’s David Dayen gets dodgy response from new CA Sen. Kamal Harris on why she dropped case against OneWest, the foreclosure machine run by Treasury nominee Stephen Mnuchin

–in NY, Indian Point nuke plant will be shut down by 2021

–in rude move, Trump has told all Obama political ambassadors “you’re fired” as of January 20

–Trump, who insists on remaining Exec Producer of his old TV show, slams his replacement Schwarzenegger, who lived the downside of celebrity who got elected

–Trump statement—not a tweet!—uses superlatives to maintain no impact and no tampering with voting machines

WashPost and NBC got official leaks with some of the dubious “evidence” used to support claims of certainty despite zero evidence put forward

–and it pisses Trump off, who calls for investigation into leak to NBC

–in separate official leak, Reuters reports that the report to Obama identifies Russians who allegedly gave DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks

–young female Russian hacker, whose now-shuttered companies were listed on Obama’s sanctions, denies involvement: “I never work with douchebags”

NY Times adheres to the official narrative, gets scooped by Buzzfeed that FBI never looked at DNC servers

–at LegalSchnauzer, Roger Shuler notes the groupthink that election results were not manipulated by Russia; though I don’t agree with his premise, the question is valid