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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, After Meeting with Top Spooks, Trump Remains Skeptical

Trump is briefed by top intelligence officials on Obama-ordered review of “Russian hacking”, issues statement denying any impact on election….–Trump statement—not a tweet!—uses superlatives to maintain no impact and no tampering with voting machines

WashPost and NBC got official leaks with some of the dubious “evidence” used to support claims of certainty despite zero evidence put forward

–and it pisses Trump off, who calls for investigation into leak to NBC

–in separate official leak, Reuters reports that the report to Obama identifies Russians who allegedly gave DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks

–young female Russian hacker, whose now-shuttered companies were listed on Obama’s sanctions, denies involvement: “I never work with douchebags”

NY Times adheres to the official narrative, gets scooped by Buzzfeed that FBI never looked at DNC servers

–at LegalSchnauzer, Roger Shuler notes the groupthink that election results were not manipulated by Russia; though I don’t agree with his premise, the question is valid