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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, After Meeting with Top Spooks, Trump Remains Skeptical

Trump is briefed by top intelligence officials on Obama-ordered review of “Russian hacking”, issues statement denying any impact on election….--Trump statement—not a tweet!—uses superlatives to maintain no impact and no tampering with voting machines

--WashPost and NBC got official leaks with some of the dubious “evidence” used to support claims of certainty despite zero evidence put forward

--and it pisses Trump off, who calls for investigation into leak to NBC

--in separate official leak, Reuters reports that the report to Obama identifies Russians who allegedly gave DNC and Podesta emails to WikiLeaks

--young female Russian hacker, whose now-shuttered companies were listed on Obama’s sanctions, denies involvement: “I never work with douchebags”

--NY Times adheres to the official narrative, gets scooped by Buzzfeed that FBI never looked at DNC servers

--at LegalSchnauzer, Roger Shuler notes the groupthink that election results were not manipulated by Russia; though I don’t agree with his premise, the question is valid