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In-Depth Interview: Former “Professional Christian” Bart Campolo Shares Humanist Perspectives

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Bart Campolo, son of a famous Evangelical preacher, joins us to talk about his evolution to secular humanism, his work as a chaplain at the University of Southern California, and responses to challenges posed by Trumpism.Campolo was recently profiled in the NY Times Magazine, read it here.  He hosts a blog and podcast here.

Campolo first recaps his background, as the son of evangelist Tony Campolo and his decades-long work as an urban Christian missionary.  A concussion induced by a bike accident led him to change course, as you can hear in this interview.

We talk about rejection of the supreme being and afterlife concepts in favor of human-to-human spirituality, and Campolo explains his work at USC and how he connects with students–using many of the same tactics from his past work.

He addresses the reactions of young people to hypocrisy and hate, and their aspirations for justice and fairness.

In the final portion, Campolo talks to secular listeners on how to confront the evils personified by Trump and expressed in his campaign, by making personal connections that don’t rely on government to deal with our problems.