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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast, Parts 1 and 2

C-SPAN switching glitch and Capitol power outage lead Rachel Maddow to use innuendo to suggest Russia hacking is growing menace….--in her worst episode since fake chair-throwing by Bernie supporters, Maddow uses inaccurate CIA talking points to slime RT

--Trevor Noah, fake newsman, exposes Trump’s fake documents displayed at news conference

--US deploys thousands of troops in Poland, visible evidence of Obama’s strategy toward Russia, which may change in a couple of weeks

--House votes to endorse Senate plan to kill Obamacare

--in op-ed, leader of national nurses union uses Trump’s own words to argue for Medicare for all

--Senate resolutions by Bernie Sanders and Ron Wyden to allow re-importation of drugs are defeated with 13 Dem votes, including Cory Booker of NJ

--Obama ends special immigration status for Cubans, ending “wet foot, dry foot” policy that brought 55,000 Cubans to US last year

--in Gaza, 10,000 protest Hamas leadership over electrical blackouts due to arguments with Palestinian Authority over money

--violent protests in Haiti follow arrest and extradition to US of Guy Philippe, a recently-elected senator who denies drug charges

--for almost half of Californians, recent deluges have officially ended the drought

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola exposes surveillance of protesters using Stingray

--security experts say that What’sApp, the encrypted text and voice tool, has a back door that can be hacked

--clarifying yesterday’s report of Inspector General investigation of FBI Director’s actions in Clinton email investigation, July statements are included