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PBC News & Comment: Full Podcast—First Amendment Under Attack

Protests over inauguration are likely to continue, and GOP legislators in 6 states are pushing legislation to limit rights to protest…--new investigation by Buzzfeed shows that cops get away with lies, even when videos contradict false reports and testimony

--in last blast at Islamic State, Obama orders drones and B-2 stealth bombers to strike in Libya

--in final plea, NY Times editorial begs Obama to pardon Snowden and Leonard Peltier; PBC adds Don Siegelman

--Russia extends Snowden’s asylum to 2020

--Roger Shuler, instrumental in covering the Sigelman case has also exposed Jeff Sessions as closeted gay man; today’s post fights defamation against Shuler

--highlighting Obama’s failure to expose and prosecute Bush-era torture, new documents expose CIA internal feuds over torture consultants and grisly details of the torture of Abu Zubaydeh

--in Virginia, execution using secretly-manufactured death drugs appears to have been botched, but officials aren’t telling

--in conflict over demolitions of the homes of Israeli Arabs, competing narratives emerge about jeep-killing of policeman

--China gets serious about climate change, cancels construction of 103 coal plants

--GOP senator and MD Bill Cassidy of Louisiana proposes letting states decide about ending Obamacare

Part 2

NY Times reporter Scott Shane, who’s promoted evidence-free CIA claims of Russian hacking, exposes Maryland author of major campaign fiction…

--read the story here

--seven Democrats want to be DNC chair, and they debated in DC last night

--California’s senior senator, and oldest in the chamber, Dianne Feinstein, hints that she will run again in 2018

--Trump descends on DC for inauguration, and hypes his cabinet for high IQ’s

--Senate Dem leader Schumer blusters about Trump nominees, but confirmations will start on Friday

--Rick Perry rejects stupid things he’s said in the past about climate change and the Dept. of Energy

--in confirmation hearing, Sens. Warren and Wyden slam Treasury pick Mnuchin, who forgot to disclose $100 million in assets