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PBC News & Comment: Part 2, NY Times Exposes Fake News Story, American-Made

NY Times reporter Scott Shane, who’s promoted evidence-free CIA claims of Russian hacking, exposes Maryland author of major campaign fiction…–read the story here

–seven Democrats want to be DNC chair, and they debated in DC last night

–California’s senior senator, and oldest in the chamber, Dianne Feinstein, hints that she will run again in 2018

–Trump descends on DC for inauguration, and hypes his cabinet for high IQ’s

–Senate Dem leader Schumer blusters about Trump nominees, but confirmations will start on Friday

–Rick Perry rejects stupid things he’s said in the past about climate change and the Dept. of Energy

–in confirmation hearing, Sens. Warren and Wyden slam Treasury pick Mnuchin, who forgot to disclose $100 million in assets