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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Foreign Policy Moves Are Confusing, Risky

Trump is quick to impose new sanctions on Iran for missile test and alleged role in Yemen; seeking new war?--Iran missile test doesn’t seem to violate agreements, but Trump seems to be looking for provocation justifying attack on Iran
--in front-pager, NY Times suggests that Trump is continuing many Obama policies on Russia, Israel and Iran, in conflict with campaign comments
--UN ambassador Nikki Haley has zero foreign policy experience, and she blasted Russia over Crimea, promising to keep sanctions in place
--but the UK’s Independent reports that Trump has quietly eased some of Obama’s sanctions set in December
--White House statement on Israel’s illegal settlements offers 2 conflicting positions, and Israelis pick the one they like
--Wrecking Crew updates: Trump moves to undermine Dodd Frank, expose seniors to scam investments, and repeal Obama’s limits on coal mining
--first, a little good news on immigration: Justice Dept rescinds Obama policy of fast-track hearings to enable deportation of women and children
--in federal court in Virginia, State Dept admits that 100,000 had visas revoked without notice
--former prime minister of Norway was detained at Dulles, on his way to Trump’s prayer breakfast
--after Pentagon complained, travel ban is modified to permit Iraqi interpreters to enter US
--CIA promotes woman who ran Thai torture chamber where Abu Zubaydeh was waterboarded to #2 post, details from Shadowproof 
--as we reported yesterday, GOP leaders are realizing that they can’t blow up Obamacare as promised, and insurance industry may be unexpected ally
--Kellyanne Conway has to eat crow over false claims of “Bowling Green Massacre”
--NY Times calls for one more GOP senator to vote against Betsy DeVos
--Sen. Jeff Merkly will fight against Gorsuch nomination, and is not afraid of “nuclear option”
--in lawsuit against Presidential Debate Commission, judge rules in favor of plaintiffs
--the Clintons signal uncertain future for Clinton Foundation