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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Foreign Policy Moves Are Confusing, Risky

Trump is quick to impose new sanctions on Iran for missile test and alleged role in Yemen; seeking new war?–Iran missile test doesn’t seem to violate agreements, but Trump seems to be looking for provocation justifying attack on Iran
–in front-pager, NY Times suggests that Trump is continuing many Obama policies on Russia, Israel and Iran, in conflict with campaign comments
–UN ambassador Nikki Haley has zero foreign policy experience, and she blasted Russia over Crimea, promising to keep sanctions in place
–but the UK’s Independent reports that Trump has quietly eased some of Obama’s sanctions set in December
–White House statement on Israel’s illegal settlements offers 2 conflicting positions, and Israelis pick the one they like
–Wrecking Crew updates: Trump moves to undermine Dodd Frank, expose seniors to scam investments, and repeal Obama’s limits on coal mining
–first, a little good news on immigration: Justice Dept rescinds Obama policy of fast-track hearings to enable deportation of women and children
–in federal court in Virginia, State Dept admits that 100,000 had visas revoked without notice
–former prime minister of Norway was detained at Dulles, on his way to Trump’s prayer breakfast
–after Pentagon complained, travel ban is modified to permit Iraqi interpreters to enter US
–CIA promotes woman who ran Thai torture chamber where Abu Zubaydeh was waterboarded to #2 post, details from Shadowproof 
–as we reported yesterday, GOP leaders are realizing that they can’t blow up Obamacare as promised, and insurance industry may be unexpected ally
–Kellyanne Conway has to eat crow over false claims of “Bowling Green Massacre”
NY Times calls for one more GOP senator to vote against Betsy DeVos
–Sen. Jeff Merkly will fight against Gorsuch nomination, and is not afraid of “nuclear option”
–in lawsuit against Presidential Debate Commission, judge rules in favor of plaintiffs
–the Clintons signal uncertain future for Clinton Foundation