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PBC News & Comment: Senate Dems Unite, But Fail to Block DeVos

After 24 hours of speeches, VP Pence breaks tie to confirm Amway billionaire with charter school agenda as Education secretary….–Dems focused heavily on blocking DeVos, but Pruitt at EPA and Sessions at Justice or more important, will likely be confirmed
–former AL governor Don Siegleman is expected to be released from federal prison
–Israel’s Knesset passes bill to legalize illegal settlements, creating a false reality that can’t be sustained
–Israel overreacts to single rocket fired from Gaza with no impact, pounds Hamas targets from land and air, as extremist Bennet predicts new war soon
–Amnesty International reveals Syrian extermination program that has killed as many as 13,000
–in San Francisco, appeals court will hear arguments on Trump travel ban via teleconference, we summarize the arguments
–in op-ed, American U. professor notes that ordinary Americans followed orders to mistreat travelers, like good soldiers in a dictatorship
–Trump’s latest lies about media failing to report terrorist events is quickly disproven by web searches
–in our new, in-depth interview with journalist Trevor Aaronson, he details how the FBI uses—and discards—paid informants in domestic terrorism cases
–FBI agents posing as journalists may have compromised the Bundy prosecution
–Peter Dale Scott, who coined “Deep State”, notes Trump is an insider who posed as an outsider to get elected
–in NY Times op-ed, Naomi Klein exposes the new, growing bond between Trump and some union leaders
–David Sirota bails on David Brock’s planned “Breitbart of the left”
–blogger Webster Tarpley settles defamation suit brought by Melania Trump over his report she had been an escort
Snopes says report that Fukushima reactor is about to fall into the ocean is false