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PBC News & Comment: Trump Says California is “Out of Control”, Stoking Golden State Pride

Trump tells O’Reilly “California is out of control” because we refuse to submit to his dictatorial orders on immigration, travel….–“so-called” federal judge in Seattle puts nationwide hold on Trump’s executive order, earning Twitter insults from Trump about hysterical threats from travelers, migrants
–Kevin Gosztola recaps the many court rulings against Trump’s impulsive, irrational decree
–White House said initially that only 109 people were detained or deported, Justice Dept said 100,000 and State Dept says about 60,000
–97 tech companies file brief against Trump ban, risking reprisals on tax cuts
–there are thousands of heartbreaking stories of people and families harmed by this arbitrary ban, here’s one from SF Chronicle about Yemeni family
–in same Fox interview, Trump defended Putin by saying “we got a lot of killers”, another incoherent comment on the Deep State; Putin asks for apology from O’Reilly
–John Yoo, who wrote the torture memos for Bush, says “even I have grave concerns” about Trump’s use of presidential power in new op-ed
–activist Sue Wilson wins big victory, as Entercom will surrender its license to Sacramento FM where listener died in morning zoo contest

–new GOP leader at FCC moves quickly to undermine net neutrality, wants to keep extorting money from prisoners’ families with obscene rates for calls from jail
–nationwide, protesters use “Indivisible” manual to mount strong protests of D and R representatives, modeled on Tea Party tactics
–on Saturday, thousands protested Trump and pipelines in SF, LA
–in Romania, days of protests forced government to rescind order that enabled corruption
–in Britain, Speaker of House of Commons says he won’t let Trump speak to both houses of Parliament on upcoming state visit
–Netanyahu returns from London visit to vote on bill that would retroactively legalize illegal settlements on Palestinian land, says Trump approves
–Trump tweets that unfavorable polls and SNL skits are “fake news”
–Guardian reports upsurge in fake news aimed at liberals
–documents show Trump’s pretense that he has resolved conflicts of interest are not credible
–Jared and Ivanka reportedly saved Pops from anti-LGBTQ order pressed by religious right
–reports indicate that plan to re-open CIA black sites has been scrubbed