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PBC News & Comment: Alabama Sends Extremely Strange Senator to Washington

Augmenting yesterday’s report, the corrupt deal that traded investigation of governor for his appointment of Luther Strange draws attention, condemnation…--Roger Shuler has the inside story at LegalSchnauzer blog , detailing continuing sex scandals and coverups
--with Netanyahu visiting next week, Trump surprises with stronger comments about illegal Israeli settlements, and promotes pan-Arab peace deal
--in our new in-depth interview, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chas W. Freeman, Jr has strong criticism of Zionists, delivered in diplomatic voice
--in another important interview this week, Trevor Aaronson talked about The Intercept’s blockbuster series on the FBI, and why we must distrust it
--Standing Rock activists report FBI agents have been contacting them, without warrants, conflating First Amendment activists with terrorists
--appeals court rejects Trump appeal of restraining order on his royal decree about travel and immigration, and he may attempt risky appeal to Supreme Court
--Trump’s controversial national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, is under bipartisan attack for illegal pre-inaugural negotiations with Russia
--during phone call with Putin, Trump puts him on hold to get schooled on nuclear treaty, which he then denounced, to the surprise of Putin and Rex Tillerson
--after getting cold shoulder from China’s leader, Trump calls him and delivers a win to Xi Jinping over “one China” policy
--longtime Phoenix resident Guadalupe de Rayos is deported , signaling the start of Trump’s efforts to deport millions
--new estimates for Trump’s border wall: $21 billion, more than 3 years
--at swearing in of AG Sessions, Trump dramatically promises to end all crime immediately
--dozens of law enforcement officials release report that shows the failure of the policies that Trump is touting
--in the overnight darkness, Senate confirmed Tom Price as HHS secretary, his job is to dismantle Obamacare
--weekend assignment: watch this video by David Pakman, which asks: does Trump have a serious reading deficiency?