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PBC News & Comment: Alabama Sends Extremely Strange Senator to Washington

Augmenting yesterday’s report, the corrupt deal that traded investigation of governor for his appointment of Luther Strange draws attention, condemnation…–Roger Shuler has the inside story at LegalSchnauzer blog , detailing continuing sex scandals and coverups
–with Netanyahu visiting next week, Trump surprises with stronger comments about illegal Israeli settlements, and promotes pan-Arab peace deal
–in our new in-depth interview, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chas W. Freeman, Jr has strong criticism of Zionists, delivered in diplomatic voice
–in another important interview this week, Trevor Aaronson talked about The Intercept’s blockbuster series on the FBI, and why we must distrust it
–Standing Rock activists report FBI agents have been contacting them, without warrants, conflating First Amendment activists with terrorists
–appeals court rejects Trump appeal of restraining order on his royal decree about travel and immigration, and he may attempt risky appeal to Supreme Court
–Trump’s controversial national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, is under bipartisan attack for illegal pre-inaugural negotiations with Russia
–during phone call with Putin, Trump puts him on hold to get schooled on nuclear treaty, which he then denounced, to the surprise of Putin and Rex Tillerson
–after getting cold shoulder from China’s leader, Trump calls him and delivers a win to Xi Jinping over “one China” policy
–longtime Phoenix resident Guadalupe de Rayos is deported , signaling the start of Trump’s efforts to deport millions
–new estimates for Trump’s border wall: $21 billion, more than 3 years
–at swearing in of AG Sessions, Trump dramatically promises to end all crime immediately
–dozens of law enforcement officials release report that shows the failure of the policies that Trump is touting
–in the overnight darkness, Senate confirmed Tom Price as HHS secretary, his job is to dismantle Obamacare
–weekend assignment: watch this video by David Pakman, which asks: does Trump have a serious reading deficiency?