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PBC News & Comment: As Huge Dam Springs Leaks, Trump Threatens California

Nation’s highest dam at Oroville, CA is overrun, 180,000 evacuated, and Trump threatens to withhold funds over sanctuary cities….--will national security chief Mike Flynn be the first man pushed from Trump administration? Is he being undercut by leaks from Intel community?

--at Mar a Lago, the Florida spread Trump snagged for $8,000 down, he breaches security by conducting sensitive business in public restaurant

--Steve Miller—former Sessions hatchet man, not the rockstar—emerges with phony list of terrorist events linked to nations in travel ban

--Miller also promoted voter fraud myths, as Texas sentences woman to 8 years, likely deportation, for illegally voting for Republicans

--Vice examines the claims of double voters, and dead voters, and finds miniscule evidence to support hyper-exaggerated claims

--listener Dick Atlee, from Maine, notes that election fraud is central to our problems

--American citizen, and NASA employee is pressured to unlock his phone while detained at Houston airport

--600 people were arrested last week for deportation, ICE calls that “routine”

--divisions grow at Standing Rock, as some veterans pledge to return

--feeding the irrational fears of his loyal supporters, Trump drops defense of Obama guidelines on transgender bathroom rules, and PBC got a taste on Facebook

--UN ambassador Nikki Haley blocks former Palestinian prime minister from UN job, says UN is biased against Israel, setting tone for Netanyahu visit this week

--in face of new war with Israel, Hamas promotes hard liner Yehya Sinwar to leadership post

--elder Republicans ignore the pro-resource Trump team, call for carbon tax and dividend plan

--investigative reporter Peter Byrne exposes Sen. Feinstein’s husband, Dick Blum, as a major investor in ITT Educational Services, which burned taxpayers for $500 million

--former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, seeking DNC chair, disavows a moment of honesty about the rigged Dem primaries of 2016