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PBC News & Comment: Trashing 4th Amendment, Customs Officers Demand to Search Phones

American citizens travelling abroad frequently face illegal demands to open smart phones for inspection at airports, clear violation of Constitution…..–latest incident at LAX shows aggressive, unlawful demands from agents, leaving travellers uncertain about their rights

–in California, evacuations are cancelled as leaky Oroville dam holds

–new, evidence-free leaks to NY Times are treated as factual, allegedly showing frequent contact between Trump campaign and unnamed Russians

–Trump is a victim of strategic official leakers, and it’s driving him crazy

–Dave Lindorff echoes PBC comments, Flynn was busted by surveillance system he knew about and defended, along with many Dems and Republicans

–Sam Husseini cautions Democrats against alliance with hawks and neocons as a means of blocking Trump

–Jeff Sessions is resisting calls to recuse himself from Russia investigations

–corporate media focuses on Flynn’s lies, while Alt-Right media sees only leaks

–hosting Israel’s Netanyahu, Trump seems ready to repeal 2-state plan, but has no idea what to replace it with

–inaction on Obamacare pledges by GOP leads insurance market collapse, as Humana pulls out and Republicans stick to slogans

–Andrew Puzder may be rejected as Labor secretary, as Republican senators get uneasy over domestic violence, maybe even his legal defense for union embezzlers….this just in:  Puzder has withdrawn

–Pentagon boss Mattis warns NATO members to pay up, even though Trump exaggerates the problem

–newly promoted deputy CIA director tries to dodge deposition in torture consultants lawsuit

–Senate considers bill to weaken regulations designed to prevent mentally unstable people from buying guns

–our official film reviewer, Gary Chew, tells us about the new flick, A Cure for Wellness