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PBC News & Comment: Mike Flynn is the First “Former Trump Administration Official”

Trump’s first 3 weeks portend volatile administration, as Flynn resigns after intel leaks showed he lied about Russian ambassador calls….--just last Friday, Trump lied about his knowledge of Flynn’s lies….truthiness is in short supply

--FBI wiretaps led acting AG Sally Yates to warn Trump’s counsel that Flynn had lied

--spooks who know all about surveillance—like Petraeus and now Flynn—got caught in the dragnets they have operated

--scoreboard shows Deep State 1, TrumpCo 0, as Dan Wright at Shadowproof reports

--testing Trump, Russia deploys cruise missile system, in violation of treaty

--Dems hope to use Flynn flap to restart “blame Russia” operations with special commission, GOP reps are mostly silent, except for McCain

--Greenwald analysis: high-level intel leakers committed crimes, and they are justifiable

--former CIA officer pushes for release of investigation that would vindicate Tom Drake and other NSA whistleblowers

--former CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou shares report on new software that spy agencies can use to detect the next whistleblower by examining “feelings”

--European allies ask “what the fuck is going on?”

--2 Dem senators ask for investigation of Trump’s hackable smartphone

--from Leavenworth, Chelsea Manning sends valentines to fellow inmates and her outside supporters

--veterans heading to Standing Rock are detained, harassed and busted for weed

--many civil rights groups, greased by telecoms, use deceptive tactics to scuttle Net Neutrality

--foreclosure king who forgot to disclose $100 million in assets, Steve Mnuchin is confirmed as Treasury secretary; W. VA Sen. Joe Manchin is only Dem supporter

--Kim Jong-Un’s half brother is assassinated in broad daylight at airport in Kuala Lumpur