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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Robert Parry Challenges Corporate Media Over Fact-Free, Leak-Based Reporting

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Robert Parry, editor and lead writer at ConsortiumNews, returns to talk about the corporate media’s promotion of unproven intelligence claims about Russia, hacking.Parry, who has been a frequent guest here for more than 10 years, is a committed journalist who’s willing to call out big media for treating unproven claims–from intelligence leaks and assertions by Democrats–as fact.  You can read his recent articles here and here.

We open with Parry’s comments on the expansion of ConsortiumNews, and its independent, skeptical reporters and commentators who have challenged the smoke and mirrors of claims that “17 intelligence agencies” agree that Russian intelligence hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails.  We note the Washington Post article about “PropOrNot”, an anonymous group that claimed that ConsortiumNews and others promote Russian propaganda, and the way that Democrats have tried to blame Clinton’s loss on Russians.

Parry notes that a confrontation with Moscow is serious business, and that without evidence, we are left to trust intelligence agencies that frequently lie. While he is no fan of Trump, the calculated, high level leaks do represent an effort to control Trump’s approach to Russia and possibly to undermine his presidency.

We talk about the resignation of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, and Parry argues that Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador were pretty routine and Flynn’s purported comments about sanctions were quite broad.  He sees Trump caving to the leakers and Democrats in firing Flynn.

When we talk about the “Deep State” effort to deliver payback to Flynn and undermine Trump, Parry shares reports from a number of inside sources about the active efforts by intel bureaucrats to block both Trump and Clinton from becoming president in 2016.