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PBC News & Comment: Milo Yiannopoulos and the First Amendment

Milo Yiannopoulos is intentionally offensive and distasteful…but are his comments on man/boy relationships, pedophilia protected by 1st amendment?--Breitbart editor is disinvited from CPAC and loses big book deal; we can vigorously disagree with him, but should honor free speech rights

--big advertisers are blacklisting Breitbart, prompted in part by successful activists

--Vice reports that Alex Jones says he and Trump have talked since inauguration

--leading fracktivist Josh Fox was blacklisted for a year by MSNBC, and Susan Sarandon forced an end to it, reports Kevin Gosztola

--Trump deportation rules cast wider dragnet than Obama’s

--British teacher leading class excursion to US is refused entry, left in Iceland

--Speaker Ryan outlines Obamacare replacement, and it sucks

--Trump appoints his second national security officer, another military officer, and reporter Steve Horn explains McMasters’ role in U Wisconsin program

--Trump’s rally comment about Sweden was based on a twisted report on Fox

--in another nonsequitur, Trump visits African American museum and talks about anti-Semitism

--Texas woman convicted of voter fraud drew 2 8-year sentences, and says “send me back to Mexico, just get it over with”

--Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter in execution of wounded, unarmed Palestinian, draws 18 month sentence

--Uber recoils from engineer’s detailed report on sexual harassment, hires Eric Holder to join Arianna Huffington on damage control team