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PBC News & Comment: New Details on Awlaki’s Role With Underwear Bomber

NY Times’ Scott Shane gets more documents detailing failed bomber’s connections to Awlaki, but the American’s drone assassination remains illegal….--Read the new report here, listen to PBC interview with Shane here

--following in footsteps of Bush and Obama, Trump’s Justice Dept will use “state secrets privilege” in late attempt to block CIA deputy director’s deposition in torture lawsuit

--former Gitmo prisoner, released in 2004, is tagged as Iraq suicide bomber, likely to be used to justify keeping Guantanamo open

--Trump’s first “domestic terrorism” bust fits the pattern: 2 FBI informants framed him, provided the plot and cash to buy batteries, duct tape and shrapnel

--in lengthy expose at The Intercept, Sam Biddle exposes Peter Thiel and his company Palantir, which got CIA funding and sells powerful spy software

--pandering to hysteria over transgender bathroom access, Trump sides with Sessions over DeVos, and rescinds Obama’s directives

--ACLU lawyer, in op-ed, predicts that Trump will lose on bathroom rules, due to Title IX

--shooting from the lip, Trump brags about immigration raids as “military operation”

--freak flood causes evacuation of 25,000 from San Jose after reservoir overflows

--Anaheim protesters demand answers after off-duty cop shoots teen; SF cop is rescued by bystanders in altercation with drugged homeless man

--Tea Party Congressman Tom McClintock faces angry constituents in town hall that draws 10 times the normal crowd

--no violence, few arrests as Standing Rock protesters disband

--David Talbot offers balanced views of Tom Hayden’s legacy

--liberal radio host, and Hannity’s former sidekick, Alan Colmes dies at 66