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PBC News & Comment: New Details on Awlaki’s Role With Underwear Bomber

NY Times’ Scott Shane gets more documents detailing failed bomber’s connections to Awlaki, but the American’s drone assassination remains illegal….–Read the new report here, listen to PBC interview with Shane here

–following in footsteps of Bush and Obama, Trump’s Justice Dept will use “state secrets privilege” in late attempt to block CIA deputy director’s deposition in torture lawsuit

–former Gitmo prisoner, released in 2004, is tagged as Iraq suicide bomber, likely to be used to justify keeping Guantanamo open

–Trump’s first “domestic terrorism” bust fits the pattern: 2 FBI informants framed him, provided the plot and cash to buy batteries, duct tape and shrapnel

–in lengthy expose at The Intercept, Sam Biddle exposes Peter Thiel and his company Palantir, which got CIA funding and sells powerful spy software

–pandering to hysteria over transgender bathroom access, Trump sides with Sessions over DeVos, and rescinds Obama’s directives

–ACLU lawyer, in op-ed, predicts that Trump will lose on bathroom rules, due to Title IX

–shooting from the lip, Trump brags about immigration raids as “military operation”

–freak flood causes evacuation of 25,000 from San Jose after reservoir overflows

–Anaheim protesters demand answers after off-duty cop shoots teen; SF cop is rescued by bystanders in altercation with drugged homeless man

–Tea Party Congressman Tom McClintock faces angry constituents in town hall that draws 10 times the normal crowd

–no violence, few arrests as Standing Rock protesters disband

–David Talbot offers balanced views of Tom Hayden’s legacy

–liberal radio host, and Hannity’s former sidekick, Alan Colmes dies at 66