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PBC News & Comment: White House and FBI Scheme Over Reports About Russian Influence

FBI official shared info about NY Times reports with Reince Priebus, who asked FBI to help debunk the reports, inappropriately….--Mexican officials say “no chance” they will hold US deportees during legal proceedings

--Trump’s deportation specialist, John Kelly, tells Mexicans “there will be no mass deportations” and denies Trump comment about “military operation”

--Santa Cruz police chief says he was “betrayed by ICE” after gang raid also detained undocumented

--neighboring Santa Clara County asks federal judge for injunction to block Trump from withholding federal funds over sanctuary policies

--AG Sessions rescinds Obama order to phase out private prisons

--in our latest in-depth interview, Prof. Trebor Scholz explains how Uber and other “disruptive” tech startups break the laws routinely

--Mr. Trump goes to CPAC, attacks media’s unnamed sources at the same time his White House frequently insists on anonymity

--Democratic National Committee meets in Atlanta to elect new chair, as HRC video message pledges her ongoing support for resisting Trump

--at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald breaks down the battle between Keith Ellison and Tom Perez, and says it’s about big-donor Zionists like Haim Saban

--as Montana readies for special election for its single House seat, Republicans oppose Republican plan to vote by mail, because Dems might win

--in California, GOP senator who was refugee from Vietnam war is silenced as she tried to criticize the late Tom Hayden

--in Manilla, Filipina senator who opposes Duarte’s illegal murder plans is arrested, protesting phony charges she took bribes from drug dealers

--in Sweden, councilman from Overtornea proposes paid time off for sex