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PBC News & Comment: “Wrong Envelope” Snags Mar Oscars, DNC Chair Vote

In epic failure, Academy Awards name wrong winner for Best Picture; the night before, DNC named wrong winner for Chair….--the Oscars mess was caused by human error; the DNC blunder reflects denial by establishment Dems, pressure from corporate and Israeli lobbies

--in Sunday NY Times, article about Perez winning DNC vote is on obituary page

--Obama and Clinton allies block Ellison, consigning the party to #2 corporate status, but the defining vote was about taking money from corporations and lobbyists

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola has great analysis; so does Matt Bruenig at Medium

--in Salon thinkpiece, novelist Anis Shivan makes a case for “moral disengagement” from politics

--apparently able to resist tweeting about the Oscars, Trump tells governor’s he had no idea how complex healthcare and Obamacare are

--Facebook user Joe Rivera posted video of Trump at slow speed, it’s a crack-up

--Trump’s budget overview, with huge Pentagon increase, shows that he favors war over diplomacy, and will shift money from domestic spending

--Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards speaks out against expected funding cuts

--Rep. Darrell Issa tells Bill Maher he supports independent prosecutor to investigate Russian influence on Trump, but Devin Nunes runs interference

--Trump’s assault on “fake news” media employs historic phrase of dictators, “enemy of the people”

--NY Times cries foul over exclusion from Spicer gaggle, and Kevin Gosztola offers a different angle about “access journalism”

--Facebook user Joe Rivera posted video of Trump at slow speed, it’s a crack-up

--George W. Bush offers veiled criticism of Trump over media, travel ban

--as ICE raids increase, agent morale increases “exponentially”, as do violations

--Muhammad Ali, Jr. was detained for 2 hours at Ft. Lauderdale airport

--Center for Constitutional Rights pursues appeals for men who fought to be taken off no-fly list

--NY Times editorial adds of the true costs of Trump’s immigration plans