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PBC News & Comment: “Wrong Envelope” Snags Mar Oscars, DNC Chair Vote

In epic failure, Academy Awards name wrong winner for Best Picture; the night before, DNC named wrong winner for Chair….–the Oscars mess was caused by human error; the DNC blunder reflects denial by establishment Dems, pressure from corporate and Israeli lobbies

–in Sunday NY Times, article about Perez winning DNC vote is on obituary page

–Obama and Clinton allies block Ellison, consigning the party to #2 corporate status, but the defining vote was about taking money from corporations and lobbyists

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola has great analysis; so does Matt Bruenig at Medium

–in Salon thinkpiece, novelist Anis Shivan makes a case for “moral disengagement” from politics

–apparently able to resist tweeting about the Oscars, Trump tells governor’s he had no idea how complex healthcare and Obamacare are

–Facebook user Joe Rivera posted video of Trump at slow speed, it’s a crack-up

–Trump’s budget overview, with huge Pentagon increase, shows that he favors war over diplomacy, and will shift money from domestic spending

–Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards speaks out against expected funding cuts

–Rep. Darrell Issa tells Bill Maher he supports independent prosecutor to investigate Russian influence on Trump, but Devin Nunes runs interference

–Trump’s assault on “fake news” media employs historic phrase of dictators, “enemy of the people”

–NY Times cries foul over exclusion from Spicer gaggle, and Kevin Gosztola offers a different angle about “access journalism”

–Facebook user Joe Rivera posted video of Trump at slow speed, it’s a crack-up

–George W. Bush offers veiled criticism of Trump over media, travel ban

–as ICE raids increase, agent morale increases “exponentially”, as do violations

–Muhammad Ali, Jr. was detained for 2 hours at Ft. Lauderdale airport

–Center for Constitutional Rights pursues appeals for men who fought to be taken off no-fly list

NY Times editorial adds of the true costs of Trump’s immigration plans