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PBC News & Comment: Demagogues Have No Shame, No Limits

Trump blames Obama for organizing protests, as ally suggests Dems are responsible for waves of threats to Jewish organizations nationwide…--the Breitbarters blame everyone else for the results of the hate they’ve fostered

--one of Trump’s rich cronies, Anthony Scaramucci, tweets blame on Dems for anti-Jewish threats

--Trump slams leakers as White House leaks his speech to Congress to Alex Jones

--Melania will host victims of murder by undocumented men, but the Steinle family from San Francisco declined to be used as props, to their credit

--Trump tells his pals at Fox & Friends he hopes economic growth will pay for Pentagon budget hike

--in his speech tonight, will Trump offer a plan for the “whatever war” in Afghanistan, now in its 16th bloody year? Here's a strong essay from a retired general

--based on major report in The New Yorker, Rachel Maddow offered the most persuasive info to date on Trump-Russia connections; still no hacking proof

--Greenwald drew some interesting points from New Yorker story

--Rep. Devin Nunes is slammed for compromising his investigation, saying he’s “seen no evidence” of phone calls from Trump aides to Russian intelligence

--journalist Rania Khalek is uninvited from speech at U of NC

--leaders of both houses of California legislature use FOIA to get immigration raid info from ICE

--lawsuits against Trump travel ban are proceeding, despite bid by “Justice Dept” to kill them, as revised royal decree is delayed, but expected

--travel industry experts see early indications that travel ban will lead to major drop in tourism in US

--in op-ed, Drug Policy Alliance leader urges Trump to honor campaign pledges about cannabis enforcement

--Tesla female engineer reveals sexism and hostile work environment at electric car maker