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PBC News & Comment: In The Session Sessions, Jeff Solos on Hypocrisy

Jeff Sessions held Clintons, others to high standards for perjury, now tries to play down false declaration at confirmation hearing…--Sessions’ lie is pretty blatant, and Dems who covered for James Clapper’s perjury rush to nail new Attorney General

--the confidence-man-in-chief expresses “total confidence” in Sessions, often the kiss of death

--Washington Post recounts 6 times Sessions talked about perjury

--in new in-depth interview, independent journalist and historian Gareth Porter warns progressives not to jump on anti-Russia bandwagon

--Porter also talks about Yemen, where starvation is spreading, and the January raid that killed 19 civilians including an 8-year-old American girl

--despite false claims in Trump speech, intelligence leakers say that Yemen raid was a bust

--at Tomdispatch, Karen Greenberg laments that she didn’t get to write about the last 100 days of Guantanamo

--in the Senate, Ted, Mike and Rand may block repeal of Obamacare if it doesn’t meet their reckless, extreme ideological standards

--Ben Carson, who admitted he’s unqualified, is confirmed as HUD secretary

--at least 16 states are considering laws to silence and penalize protesters

--in New York, Cardinal Dolan uses St. Patrick’s cathedral as collateral for $100 million loan to pay sex abuse victims….but Dolan is a slippery dude

--abuse victim Marie Collins resigns in protest from Vatican commission

--Hertz and other car rental companies are gouging customers who are forced to rent pricey toll transponders

--listener Andy Dral adds some stats to the cost of undocumented immigrants

--listener Linda Lewis shares some sorry stats about whistleblower protections