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PBC News & Comment: In The Session Sessions, Jeff Solos on Hypocrisy

Jeff Sessions held Clintons, others to high standards for perjury, now tries to play down false declaration at confirmation hearing…–Sessions’ lie is pretty blatant, and Dems who covered for James Clapper’s perjury rush to nail new Attorney General

–the confidence-man-in-chief expresses “total confidence” in Sessions, often the kiss of death

Washington Post recounts 6 times Sessions talked about perjury

–in new in-depth interview, independent journalist and historian Gareth Porter warns progressives not to jump on anti-Russia bandwagon

–Porter also talks about Yemen, where starvation is spreading, and the January raid that killed 19 civilians including an 8-year-old American girl

–despite false claims in Trump speech, intelligence leakers say that Yemen raid was a bust

–at Tomdispatch, Karen Greenberg laments that she didn’t get to write about the last 100 days of Guantanamo

–in the Senate, Ted, Mike and Rand may block repeal of Obamacare if it doesn’t meet their reckless, extreme ideological standards

–Ben Carson, who admitted he’s unqualified, is confirmed as HUD secretary

–at least 16 states are considering laws to silence and penalize protesters

–in New York, Cardinal Dolan uses St. Patrick’s cathedral as collateral for $100 million loan to pay sex abuse victims….but Dolan is a slippery dude

–abuse victim Marie Collins resigns in protest from Vatican commission

–Hertz and other car rental companies are gouging customers who are forced to rent pricey toll transponders

–listener Andy Dral adds some stats to the cost of undocumented immigrants

–listener Linda Lewis shares some sorry stats about whistleblower protections