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PBC News & Comment: Former CIA Officer Sabrina De Sousa Gets Some Relief

About to be extradited from Portugal to serve 4-year prison term in Italy, former CIA agent De Sousa gets partial pardon…--PBC interviews with De Sousa are here and here

--Trump speech to Congress was more presidential, with the typical self-aggrandizement and bullshit

--Trump opened by condemning attacks on Jewish graveyards and threats to community centers, just hours before he speculated on inside actors

--Van Jones gushes over Trump’s exploitation of the widow of commando killed in Yemen raid, used to cover up lies about the raid, civilian deaths, overall mission

--Trump slammed gun violence in Chicago, offered slogans; 60 police chiefs and sheriffs sign letter rejecting immigration enforcement, anti-sanctuary moves

--Trump forgot to mention recent Homeland Security report says his travel ban would be misguided, ineffective

--on House Intel committee, Dems push for Russia investigation, as GOP chair continues to cover for the Trump crew

--at UN Security Council, Nikki Haley hammers Russia and China for vetoing resolution against Syrian use of chemical weapons

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan notes that Trump’s “moderate” defense chief alsmot started a conflict with Iran

--despite many critical unanswered questions, 21 Democrats voted to confirm billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce secretary; we name the names

--forecast of earthquakes in fracking country predicts fewer major quakes, due to regulation of wastewater injection

--Norwegian firm sets example for American investors, divests from Dakota pipeline company

--in Honduras, court papers show that accused killers of environmental activist Berta Caceras were trained at School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia

--in Monday’s oral arguments, Supreme Court justices seem ready to lift bans on internet activity by convicted sex offenders

--lawsuit by black Secret Service agents exposes longterm racial bias