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PBC News & Comment: DC Spin Cycles Reach Max RPM! Podcast + Listener Calls!

Sessions relents, agrees to recusal, as partisans madly spin his false statement as perjury or innocent mistake….will he resign?...--Beltway spinfest draws Dems who tolerated Clapper’s proven perjury, and Repubs who trade their biblical thinking for pat rationalizations

--Paul Krugman’s keeping a list of Trump’s lying cabinet

--at WaPo, Chris Cizilla asks why Sessions dodged Franken’s actual question, then volunteered “I did not have communications with the Russians”

--ACLU’s Faiz Shakir demands that Sessions live up to his confirmation oath, and tell the whole truth

--recusal is no guarantee of fair investigation or prosecution

--in our in-depth interview, journalist and historian Gareth Porter warns progressives about getting on the anti-Russia bandwagon

--Yahoo’s CEO and top lawyer pay price for lying about hacking, Marissa Mayer will forfeit $14 million, lawyer is sacked

--the accountants who botched Oscars best picture award won’t be back

--but Foxconn keeps making colossal promises about job creation, which it doesn’t keep

--FBI charges St. Louis man who made threats to Jewish centers as payback to former girlfriend

--misfires in Trump’s fine-tuned engine”, as White House fights break out over Paris climate change agreement and budget cuts for IRS

--today’s heart-breaking immigrant story: 22-year-old Dreamer Daniela Vargas is picked up by ICE minutes after news conference where she spoke

--a second DHS report is leaked, showing no security basis for travel ban

--House Republicans meet in secret to dismantle Obamacare, and both Dems and Reps feign outrage to media

--Fed signals rate increases are on the way….will savings rate recover?

--widow of Orlando shooting suspect won release on bail, but it was blocked by Florida judge

--in upstate New York, drone protesters are acquitted and juror praises their resistance

--Egyptian court clears former dictator Mubarek, sealing coffin of Arab Spring

--Noah Dyer, running for AZ governor, goes TMI, preempting attacks on his wild sex life, student debt, and divorce

--VICE releases video compilation of Alex Jones freak-outs and apologies