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PBC News & Comment: DC Spin Cycles Reach Max RPM! Podcast + Listener Calls!

Sessions relents, agrees to recusal, as partisans madly spin his false statement as perjury or innocent mistake….will he resign?…–Beltway spinfest draws Dems who tolerated Clapper’s proven perjury, and Repubs who trade their biblical thinking for pat rationalizations

–Paul Krugman’s keeping a list of Trump’s lying cabinet

–at WaPo, Chris Cizilla asks why Sessions dodged Franken’s actual question, then volunteered “I did not have communications with the Russians”

–ACLU’s Faiz Shakir demands that Sessions live up to his confirmation oath, and tell the whole truth

–recusal is no guarantee of fair investigation or prosecution

–in our in-depth interview, journalist and historian Gareth Porter warns progressives about getting on the anti-Russia bandwagon

–Yahoo’s CEO and top lawyer pay price for lying about hacking, Marissa Mayer will forfeit $14 million, lawyer is sacked

–the accountants who botched Oscars best picture award won’t be back

–but Foxconn keeps making colossal promises about job creation, which it doesn’t keep

–FBI charges St. Louis man who made threats to Jewish centers as payback to former girlfriend

–misfires in Trump’s fine-tuned engine”, as White House fights break out over Paris climate change agreement and budget cuts for IRS

–today’s heart-breaking immigrant story: 22-year-old Dreamer Daniela Vargas is picked up by ICE minutes after news conference where she spoke

–a second DHS report is leaked, showing no security basis for travel ban

–House Republicans meet in secret to dismantle Obamacare, and both Dems and Reps feign outrage to media

–Fed signals rate increases are on the way….will savings rate recover?

–widow of Orlando shooting suspect won release on bail, but it was blocked by Florida judge

–in upstate New York, drone protesters are acquitted and juror praises their resistance

–Egyptian court clears former dictator Mubarek, sealing coffin of Arab Spring

–Noah Dyer, running for AZ governor, goes TMI, preempting attacks on his wild sex life, student debt, and divorce

–VICE releases video compilation of Alex Jones freak-outs and apologies