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PBC News & Comment: Trump Attacks Obama for Wiretapping His Campaign

Trump’s angry weekend tweets, based on unproven alt-right reports, blame Obama for wiretaps exposing contacts with Russia, also unproven….--Neanderthal radio host Mark Levin speculated, Breitbart reported the speculation, and Trump tweeted madly on Saturday morning

--credibility-challenged FBI director Comey and former top spook Clapper both issue denials

--after lighting the fuse, Trump now says he won’t talk about it until House investigation is completed

--if Trump wanted to end confusion and chaos, he could declassify secret info at any time,

--Robert Parry, in strong commentary, says intelligence community should “lay its cards on the table”

--Trump issues new travel ban royal decree, but this time agencies and lawyers were involved, so it may pass legal muster full text here

--in data-rich recap, NY Times shows reality of immigration

--14-year-old Honduran boy, “G.E.” was granted asylum, but remains locked up and despondent in California

--the antics of Sideshow Don distract from the “Wrecking Crew”, which is hard at work on “deconstruction of administrative state” aka the Bannon Agenda

--following Justice Dept change in stance, Supreme Court reverses course, sends transgender bathroom case back to lower court

--in Syria, US troops take prominent role, aligning with Turkey against Kurds

--Dan wright at Shadowproof decodes lengthy NY Times report on cyber attacks on North Korea, it’s Stuxnet II

--Wednesday is International Women’s Day, many strikes and protests planned

--Mass Gov. Charlie Baker pledges to use state funds if feds cut Planned Parenthood

--Pawnee Nation sues Oklahoma frackers for earthquake damage in tribal court

--our pal Steve Horn broke the story about Russian steel in Keystone pipeline, and MSDNC used it without any credit