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PBC News & Comment: GOP Unveils Obamacare Replacement Plan, and It Sucks

Trump promised his healthcare reform would be “beautiful”, make us “very happy”; only rich people and insurance companies can agree….--GOP plan hammers the poor and lower middle class, bases subsidies on age while allowing insurers to gouge older people

--House Repub leaders hope to ram through repeal and “reform” this week, but have refused to “score it” to estimate actual cost and number of people who lose coverage

--setting up Trump as “good cop”, the plan cuts all funding to Planned Parenthood; nudged by Ivanka, our stern father offers a Faustian bargain

--American women plan strike and protests tomorrow

--in latest in-depth interview, we talk to authors of 3 new books about activism in the age of Trump, including comments about renewed activism by women

--WikiLeaks releases Vault 7, CIA files that show spooks can hack encrypted message services, smart TV’s and other devices

--retired British spy Christopher Steele resurfaces, a big setback for Rachel Maddow’s spy thriller coverage

--former British MP, now Fox executive, Louise Mensch is source for reports of FISA court action related to Trump campaign

--ThinkProgress reports Trump did meet with Russian ambassador last year, despite flat denials

--Trump tweets another lie, blaming Obama for all released Gitmo prisoners who re-engaged

--as US delivers Thaad missile defense system to South Korea, riling China

--revised travel ban is released as migrants sneak to the border—the Canadian border

--check out the amusing establishment denials of an American “deep state” in this NY Times report

--Trump administration surprises Israel with strong warning against annexation of West Bank

--Sen. Dianne Feinstein opposes David Friedman as US ambassador to Israel, and calls for independent prosecutor in Russia controversy