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PBC News & Comment: Journalist’s Report Contradicts Military Whitewash of Yemen Raid in January

Gen. Votel closes investigation of Trump’s first raid in Yemen, as The Intercept contradicts many key elements of Pentagon narrative….--you can read Iona Craig’s detailed report here

--Gen. Mike Flynn, bounced as Trump national security advisor over reported contacts with Russian ambassador, was foreign agent for Turkey during campaign

--US adds 400 troops in Syria, gearing up to retake Raqqa and to keep peace between Turkey and Kurdish fighters

--South Korea completes impeachment, removes President Park

--CIA info from WikiLeaks confirms what we’ve known: IP addresses can be disguised; channeling spook sources, Washington Post dismisses “dangerous and irresistible GOP conspiracy theory”

--Fox viewers finally get a dose of surveillance reality from former NSA technical director Bill Binney on the Hannity show

--Russian-born journalist Yasha Levine has unique take on Russia hacking controversy, “From Russia with Panic

--details emerge in Jason Leopold’s FOIA legal battle with NSA over inspector general reports

--Bobby Kennedy Jr. has been smeared as “anti-vaxxer”, and HuffPost just yanked a story that debunks the spurious claim; you can read it here

--ACLU launches People Power project to direct activist energies to create “freedom cities” to protect immigrants

--will Trump take credit for sharp drop in traffic at Mexican border, or does it undermine his loco fearmongering about building a wall?

--Afghans who risked their lives to work for US are told not to apply for visas, even though Afghanistan is not listed in travel ban

--facing imminent deportation, Daniela Vargas, a Dreamer who lives in Mississippi, is being released after public outrage

--eyeing possible White House bid, NY Gov. Cuomo plans to spend $1.4 billion to fight poverty in Brooklyn, as L.A. voters pass tax for homeless relief

--from NY columnist Shaun King to listener John Zweibel in Hawaii, Dem activists are at odds with party leaders