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PBC News & Comment: GOP Health Plan: Let Old, Poor People Die

Analysis by GOP appointee says Obamacare “replacement” will end insurance coverage for 24 million, and 60-year-olds get 700% increases….--Republicans say CBO isn’t reliable and claim cost reductions as they try to ram through their cruel plan

--Planned Parenthood cuts in the bill likely to produce unwanted babies, more STD’s, and shift women’s health care to Medicaid, as its funding is cut

--NY prosecutor Preet Bharara makes headlines by refusing to resign, but can you name one Wall Street banker he convicted for 2008 meltdown?

--Spicer tries to massage Trump’s Twitter claim that Obama wiretapped him, as Justice Dept asks for more time to find proof

--Greenwald argues that Trump could’ve been wiretapped without warrants or a directive from Obama

--in our latest in-depth interview, Yasha Levine offers interesting history and context for alleged Russian hacking, and concludes we can trust no one; read his article at The Baffler here

--Israel bars entry to Briton who supports BDS, and detains activist Jeff Halper to search him for pro-BDS documents

--in February, US border agents searched over 5,000 phones and computers, more than the total for 2015

--14-year-old Honduran is finally released from California juvenile jail

--Trump’s deep conflicts of interest remain unresolved, as son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family enters $4 billion deal with Chinese investor

--Dutch PM Mark Rutte faces Trumpstorm from nationalist hatemonger Geert Wilders tomorrow

--Trump is giving our generals a free hand in Syria…will this allow him to blame them if things go badly?

--as Rexxon Tillerson visits Asia with no reporters in tow, US deploys armed drones over South Korea

--as Exxon CEO, Tillerson had fake email account under “Wayne Tracker”

--the Internet of Sexy things: Canadian sex toy maker will pay $4 million to owners of “smart vibrator” that reports usage data to manufacturer