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PBC News & Comment: GOP Health Plan: Let Old, Poor People Die

Analysis by GOP appointee says Obamacare “replacement” will end insurance coverage for 24 million, and 60-year-olds get 700% increases….–Republicans say CBO isn’t reliable and claim cost reductions as they try to ram through their cruel plan

–Planned Parenthood cuts in the bill likely to produce unwanted babies, more STD’s, and shift women’s health care to Medicaid, as its funding is cut

–NY prosecutor Preet Bharara makes headlines by refusing to resign, but can you name one Wall Street banker he convicted for 2008 meltdown?

–Spicer tries to massage Trump’s Twitter claim that Obama wiretapped him, as Justice Dept asks for more time to find proof

–Greenwald argues that Trump could’ve been wiretapped without warrants or a directive from Obama

–in our latest in-depth interview, Yasha Levine offers interesting history and context for alleged Russian hacking, and concludes we can trust no one; read his article at The Baffler here

–Israel bars entry to Briton who supports BDS, and detains activist Jeff Halper to search him for pro-BDS documents

–in February, US border agents searched over 5,000 phones and computers, more than the total for 2015

–14-year-old Honduran is finally released from California juvenile jail

–Trump’s deep conflicts of interest remain unresolved, as son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family enters $4 billion deal with Chinese investor

–Dutch PM Mark Rutte faces Trumpstorm from nationalist hatemonger Geert Wilders tomorrow

–Trump is giving our generals a free hand in Syria…will this allow him to blame them if things go badly?

–as Rexxon Tillerson visits Asia with no reporters in tow, US deploys armed drones over South Korea

–as Exxon CEO, Tillerson had fake email account under “Wayne Tracker”

–the Internet of Sexy things: Canadian sex toy maker will pay $4 million to owners of “smart vibrator” that reports usage data to manufacturer