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PBC News & Comment: Rachel Maddow Fumbles Exclusive on Trump Tax Returns

MSDNC overhyped Maddow’s scoop on Trump tax returns, trying too hard to connect them to her serial Russian spy drama….Slate TV critic Willa Paskin has a good take here

–David Cay Johnston, the highly credible reporter who was mailed the tax documents, leads speculation that Trump engineered the leak

–while the summary sheets do show that Trump paid taxes in 2005, they raise many important questions that demand full disclosure

–US military plans to double ground troops in Syria, as suicide bomber kills 31 in Damascus

–Afghan officials confirm death toll over 50 in last week’s attack on Kabul hospital, as generals push for another surge in Graveyard of Empires

–Justice Dept. unseals indictment naming 4 Russians, including 2 intelligence agents, in hacking of 500 million Yahoo accounts

Buzzfeed reports that ex-advisor Mike Flynn was investigated by FBI

–GOP chaos on the Hill, as House Intel chair Nunes disputes Trump tweet about Obama hacking Trump Tower, and Sen. Graham demands answers about FBI investigations and FISA warrants

–more chaos on the Hill, as GOP health bill is slammed from the right, far right, and furthest right; Ryan hopes tax cuts for rich will unify his party

–at my deadline, none of 3 federal courts has put hold on Trump travel ban 2.0 which is set to go into effect at midnight

–in Motown photo op, Trump vows to dismantle auto mileage standards, but can’t actually change the rules till 2021

–Fed raises interest rates, signaling a stable economy

–based on French proposals and comments from Bill Gates, San Francisco considers taxing robots and automation

–after 80 years, my alma mater, Northwestern, finally makes NCAA playoffs