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PBC News & Comment: On Wiretap Claims, Spicer Channels Trump’s Assertions

As establishment pols and media blast Trump over wiretap claims, Spicer sparks row with Brits, fact-free free-for-all…--GOP intel leaders strongly contradict Trump

--media coverage assumes our spooks never break the law

--Brits are indignant, but we know NSA and GCHQ have conspired before

--former Sen. Dan Coats, now confirmed as top spy, dodges Sen. Wyden’s questions about Americans under surveillance, but avoids perjury

--judge sides with FBI, won’t release rules on use of National Security Letters on journalists

--new documents show surveillance of American Muslims under Obama’s “countering violent extremism” program

--hear an excerpt from new in-depth interview with filmmakers of For Here or To Go, about the lives of noncitizens with H1-B visas, and Trump immigration moves

--Trump’s budget plan is a blueprint based on cruelty, militarism and greed; if enacted, expect at least 200,000 additional homeless

--off the coast of Yemen, mystery chopper mows down 40 Somali refugees

--US drone strikes in northern Syria mow down at least 46 at mosque, as Pentagon claims “dozens of militants” were killed

--UN panel tells the truth: Israel practices apartheid on Palestinians

--oilman-turned-diplomat Rexxon Tillerson tries to soothe and threaten North Korea in the same breath

--no smiles in Trump-Merkel meeting, as Conman Don misstates NATO dues rules

--California’s Chief Justice slams ICE for stalking courthouses for deportees

--Orlando prosecutor announces she won’t seek death penalty, and Gov. Scott pulls case of cop killer

--Too much hype in Rachel Maddow’s revelation of Trump tax return, but great ratings

--US media overhyped Dutch election and it’s Trump clone, Geert Wilders

--late in the podcast, PBC refers to an article at The Intercept about Peter Thiel and Palantir