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PBC News & Comment: Desperate to Distract, Trump Bashes Immigrants Again

With big loss on Obamacare, limits on tax cuts, Trump tries to regain agenda control with threats to sanctuary cities….

–AG Sessions leads Monday press briefing with threats to cut federal funds to cities that don’t agree to submit to federal interference in local law enforcement

–House intel chair Nunes rejects Dem calls for him to recuse from Russia-Trump investigation, but he should resign as chair

–Prof. Juan Cole offers thoughtful recap of the case so far, noting that it’s mostly circumstantial

WhoWhatWhy shares results of investigation, saying FBI may be compromised in Trump case by long-running investigation into Russian mobsters known to Trump

–loyal listener and subscriber Ian Berman warns Dems to be careful about using Deep State against Trump, in published commentary

–Muslims who work at FBI protest racial profiling and suspicions, Said Barodi was fired after confrontation at Paris airport, Spencer Ackerman reports

–Parliament lone wolf attacker sent text message just before starting his actions, and Brits want What’sApp to decrypt it

–institute sues DHS over escalation of suspicionless searches of phones and computers at US borders

–journalist and liberal Jew Larry Derfner gets op-ed in NY Times to criticize Israel’s aggressive military actions and suppression of Palestinians

–UN ambassador Nikki Haley panders to AIPAC conference, bragging about intimidating critics of Israel and supporters of BDS

–Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti, who once was a guest on this podcast, is arrested on tax charges that are likely bogus

–in surprise 5-3 decision, Supreme Court scolds Texas over its standards for executing men with mental deficiencies

–history will revile Trump’s order to lift restrictions on burning coal, and pretends it will restore jobs for miners

–Bannon meets with GOP House members to try to revive Obamacare repeal

–Alex Jones was forced to apologize for his reckless coverage of “Pizzagate”