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PBC News & Comment: Activists Are Buying Browsing Data on Lawmakers Who OK’d New Law

New bill allows ISP’s to sell your browsing info, activists will buy and publish data on lawmakers who voted for it….–you can donate to one of the crowdfunding efforts here

–Senate intel leaders try to play grownups to House counterpart’s juvenile behavior, but only a truly independent prosecutor will be credible

–former NSA tech director Bill Binney and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern describe the fight over the power of the Deep State

–in coverage of Cisco’s response to Vault 7 revelations, Reuters reports that 90% of NSA work is on offensive cyberwarfare

–Trump tweets threat at Freedom Caucus, apparently trying to widen the rifts in the GOP

–Trump plan to modify NAFTA is much softer than his campaign rhetoric

–compared to Obama, Trump is casual about escalating US combat roles in Yemen, Syria and Iraq

–the March 17 US airstrikes in Mosul that killed dozens of civilians will be investigated, Pentagon says

–North Carolina senate approves repeal of Trans bathroom law, without restoring LGBTQ discrimination protections

–Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, both Oregon Dems, introduce long overdue, comprehensive rewrite of federal marijuana laws

–Chris Christie will lead panel to investigate opioid addiction epidemic, as Sen. Claire McCaskill grills legal drug cartel over its tactics

–top aides to Christie sentenced to jail time for Bridgegate

–federal judge in Hawaii extends stay on Trump travel ban 2.0, which still has not been appealed

–after years of delay, California leaders agree to raise taxes to pay for $52 million in badly needed road repairs