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PBC News & Comment: Trump Rejects Obama’s Incoherent Policy on Assad

Our reality-TV president, who is largely out of touch with reality—rejects Obama’s twin goals in Syria, won’t target Assad….--in rare convergence of views, your humble host agrees with Trump that we can’t take down IS and Assad at same time

--but Trump copies Obama’s bad policy on Egypt, as he welcomes military dictator and signals he doesn’t give a shit about human rights

--another case of Obama error: in perverse, absurd ruling, DC appeals court overturns Judge Kessler, and Gitmo videos of force feeding inmates will remain secret

--in Russia, St. Petersburg metro bomb kills 10 as Putin visits his hometown

--Trump-Russia investigation by House committee is stalled as Dem leader Schiff hammers Nunes for attempting to distract by playing detective

--Republicans continue Twitter war with Trump, deliciously juvenile and entertaining

--Trump’s pre-dawn tweets try to reframe the controversy around leaks

--federal judge rejects free speech claim, allows case to proceed for victims who were roughed up at campaign rally, egged on by Trump

--Dems find 41st senator to support filibuster of Gorsuch, but it’s likely he will be confirmed with or without “nuclear option”

--new disclosures show that top Trump advisers were on the payrolls of the Koch brothers and the Mercer family last year

--NY Times editorial recaps recent ethical violations by TrumpCo

--Arkansas passes another unconstitutional abortion law, this one criminalizes doctors for “sex selection” abortion

--Fox faces new sex harassment suit against former boss Roger Ailes, after paying $13 million in 4 cases involving Bill O’Reilly

--MSDNC gloats over big ratings in March, at the expense of credibility

--top court in Venezuela walks back from ruling that neutered Assembly

--seizing the Brexit moment, Spain makes play for Gibraltar and UK is pissed;

PBC sez let’s give Spain The Rock, who just survived April Fool’s death hoax