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PBC News & Comment: Trump Rejects Obama’s Incoherent Policy on Assad

Our reality-TV president, who is largely out of touch with reality—rejects Obama’s twin goals in Syria, won’t target Assad….–in rare convergence of views, your humble host agrees with Trump that we can’t take down IS and Assad at same time

–but Trump copies Obama’s bad policy on Egypt, as he welcomes military dictator and signals he doesn’t give a shit about human rights

–another case of Obama error: in perverse, absurd ruling, DC appeals court overturns Judge Kessler, and Gitmo videos of force feeding inmates will remain secret

–in Russia, St. Petersburg metro bomb kills 10 as Putin visits his hometown

–Trump-Russia investigation by House committee is stalled as Dem leader Schiff hammers Nunes for attempting to distract by playing detective

–Republicans continue Twitter war with Trump, deliciously juvenile and entertaining

–Trump’s pre-dawn tweets try to reframe the controversy around leaks

–federal judge rejects free speech claim, allows case to proceed for victims who were roughed up at campaign rally, egged on by Trump

–Dems find 41st senator to support filibuster of Gorsuch, but it’s likely he will be confirmed with or without “nuclear option”

–new disclosures show that top Trump advisers were on the payrolls of the Koch brothers and the Mercer family last year

NY Times editorial recaps recent ethical violations by TrumpCo

–Arkansas passes another unconstitutional abortion law, this one criminalizes doctors for “sex selection” abortion

–Fox faces new sex harassment suit against former boss Roger Ailes, after paying $13 million in 4 cases involving Bill O’Reilly

–MSDNC gloats over big ratings in March, at the expense of credibility

–top court in Venezuela walks back from ruling that neutered Assembly

–seizing the Brexit moment, Spain makes play for Gibraltar and UK is pissed;

PBC sez let’s give Spain The Rock, who just survived April Fool’s death hoax