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PBC News & Comment: FBI Conspired to Kill Martin Luther King, Says Bill Pepper

William Pepper, attorney who represented James Earl Ray and King’s widow, says FBI’s Hoover enabled the murder, and framed Ray….Hear Steve Bhaerman’s full interview with Pepper here

–fifty years ago today, Dr, King gave his famous Riverside Church sermon against the Vietnam war the full speech is here , excerpt about Vietnam is here

–Attorney General Jim Crow Sessions interferes in Baltimore police consent decree, threatens to reject others that address racist police patterns

–at Buzzfeed, Melissa Segura publishes lengthy expose of one Chicago cop who framed at least 51 people for murder

–Brooklyn prosecutor faces prison after guilty plea for wiretapping other cops in love triangle

Buzzfeed’s Ali Watkins explains how Russian spies tried to recruit Carter Page in 2013 in rare report that is based on actual evidence

Washington Post reveals secret meeting between Erik Prince and a Russian “close to Putin” and as usual, it’s based on anonymous sources

–using the Benghazi dog whistle, Trump defenders hammer Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice over unmasking identities in intercept reports

Miami Herald report asks, “Who says DNC hackers were Russians?”

–be wary of former FBI agent Clint Watts, who asserts that Trump is using Russian memes in his tweets

–Syria says it blew up al Qaeda munitions site, but West says Assad used nerve agents in Idlib raid on Tuesday

–an Indiana law Mike Pence signed requiring ultrasound before an abortion is overturned by federal judge

–Greenwald shows that Trump’s embrace of Egyptian military dictator al-Sisi is the same as Obama, Trump doesn’t pretend to fight for human rights

–also at The Intercept, Lee Fang exposes FDA nominee Scott Gottlieb as addict to opioid industry

–Trump signs bad bill allowing internet providers to collect your browsing history

–Verizon will consolidate Yahoo and AOL under new brand, “Oath”

–issuing drivers licenses to undocumented reduces hit-n-runs and insurance premiums in California

–my old friend Dick Bolles, author of “What Color Is Your Parachute” has died at age 90