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PBC News & Comment: In Syria Gas Attack, Media and Politicians Rush to Judgment

Within hours of alleged gas attack in Syria, leaders and media blame Assad’s forces while very serious questions need investigation….–skepticism is warranted, as the incident creates a new “red line” for Trump right after he indicated that Assad will likely stay on

–Paul Antonopolous at Information Clearing House poses key questions

–at NY Times, Tom Friedman  and Peter Baker presume Syrian responsibility

Vice joins the chorus, says of Syrian and Russian denials “no one is buying it”

–at UN, US ambassador Haley mourns for Syrian children, but she and Trump showed no remorse for US raid in Yemen that killed kids, including American

–IS mouthpiece breaks silence on Trump calls him “idiot”

–Trump offers no proof, but says Susan Rice committed a crime

–in new in-depth interview, former NSA tech director Bill Binney explains how phone calls of Flynn, Trump and others were intercepted

–Binney also talks about his former boss Mike Hayden, who’s the subject of a strong commentary by Trevor Timm

–Trump removes Steve Bannon from national security council

–in odd op-ed, former Washington Post Jerusalem bureau chief has only a little criticism of Israel’s efforts to squelch boycotts and criticism

–Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley talked all night in opposition to Gorsuch, nuclear option is likely, as evidence of plagiarism by Gorsuch surfaces

–opposition to Gorsuch was driven by NARAL leader Ilyse Hogue

yesterday, on “Equal Pay Day”, we learned how Trump screwed women who work for federal contractors in March 27 executive order

–will advertiser boycotts end O’Reilly’s reign on Fox “News”?

–plucky Aussie Caitlin Johnstone hammers the lunacy of Democrats blaming Russia

–resourceful journalist Joe Lauria has edited new book “How I Lost by Hillary Clinton”, using her own words to explain her loss