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PBC News & Comment: Trump is Ready to Leap Over Red Line into Syrian Trap

Pentagon planning new action in Syria, as Trump—who won’t let refugee children in US—uses dead kids for justification….–autopsies of victims in Turkey said to provide evidence of nerve agent, but no evidence identifying who is responsible

–at ConsortiumNews, Robert Parry breaks down the bias in NY Times coverage of Tuesday’s attack in Syria

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola challenges media assertions tagging Syrian military

–demagoguing for the group-thinkers, WashPost slams GOP Rep. Tom Massie for demanding proof

Guardian op-ed says Trump’s change on Syria is “profoundly disturbing”

–facing ethics probe, Rep. Devin Nunes will “step aside” from Russia investigation, but his substitutes are no better

–in powerful new in-depth interview, Russ Baker of WhoWhatWhy details the FBI’s 30-year investigation into Russian mobsters and Trump, which may have taken priority over 2016 FBI investigation into Trump-Russia

–“nuclear” fallout in Senate after rule change to ram through Gorsuch confirmation, despite plagiarism and being overturned 8-0 by SCOTUS

–overturning rules on coal plants and pesticides, Trump and EPA boss Scott Pruitt favor corporate profits over health and safety, new lawsuits contend

–bipartisan team proposes new law to protect our 4th amendment rights at airports

–yesterday, briefly, TSA website said it’s OK to take marijuana on planes—in checked bags and carry-on

–with help from US Chamber of Commerce, Uber and Lyft block Seattle law allowing drivers to unionize